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BBB Membership Guide

  • Qualification
    - The person who agrees on the purpose of BBB as a part of BBG.
    - The person who determines to comply with the responsibilities and duties
    set by BBB BOD(Board of Directors) as a member.
    - The person who are finally approved and acknowledged as a member by BBB BOD.

  • Application / Inquires
    - Email:
    - Mobile Phone: +855-12-650 159 (Cambodia)

BBB Bridge Builders Business

  • As a branch of BBG, BBB is a group of bridgebuilders who work in the field of business.
  • BBB aims for KOINONIA in business field through sharing of the God’s love and grace
    for each members in their working places.
  • BBB seeks expansion of the God’s Kingdom in business field through business missions.


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Ministry of BBB

  • Encourage and care each other members so that all the members could live a mission-oriented life in their each working places and business fields.

  • Networking among members in Korea and overseas.

  • Networking with seniors who are professionals, elders, retired business seniors and missionaries.
    -    Link field information of each overseas country to the networks in Korea and connect resources in Korea to the overseas countries.

  • Develop and manage both Commercial Business(less than 100% ownership) and Mission Business(100% ownership) in the target countries.

  • Provide advisories and consulting service to the business elements of the ministries which is mission-oriented rather than commercial purpose.

  • Discover, train and support missionaries who have talent in business with financial supporting and networking.

  • Regular financial supporting and project funding for missionaries and ministries.

  • Holistic fellowship with missionaries including financial supporting and caring.

  • Mentoring for the membership and candidates.